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Get the best from your people, by giving your people the best​

Our mission at Olywel is to advise you on the best ways to improve wellbeing for your people – and in turn, boost their performance. That means a consultative approach, rather than a blanket solution.

We believe in helping business leaders to create an open culture of trust, rather than fear. Where people feel motivated to give their best, because they’re being given the best. 

Through my work as an Ambassador for Mind and YoungMinds, a speaker on elite performance and mental health (speaking at over 100 organisations, including Channel 4, Oxford and Cambridge Universities, Nike, and Johnson & Johnson), a coach for elite athletes, a regular contributor to roundtable discussions at the House of Commons, and the Head of Wellbeing for BBC Studios – alongside the pressures I experienced in my Olympic career – I know what works, and what doesn’t.

I understand what motivates people; what inspires people; what people need to thrive – without burning out, or compromising their lives outside of work.

As an elite athlete, performance was always at the front of my mind, but I learned the hard way that my wellbeing would have the biggest impact of all. And that’s a lesson I’m passing on to you, and your teams.

Wellbeing and performance advice, perfectly tailored

Olywel has been created as a first-rate advisory service; where wellbeing and performance come together to transform the culture and performance of your business.

 We’ll be offering an even greater range of services in the not-too-distant future, but for now, take a look at how we’re revolutionising the world of performance – and find the approach that’s right for you.

Wellbeing advice

Organisational wellbeing advice and support We can discuss how you wish to be advised and supported. The Olywel team understands each organisation is unique and has its own challenges. Because of that, we will work with you to find the best solution for you, your business and your people.

Wellbeing Consultation

The Olywel team will carry out a full wellbeing audit of your current approach to see what’s working, what’s needed, and what needs to change. We’ll use this to create a wellbeing strategy that meets the specific goals and needs of you and your team.

Keynote speakers and events

Our speakers cover a range of well-being and performance topics and can be flexible in their delivery regarding time and content. We are incredibly lucky to have some of the world’s best storytellers on our team. They have spoken to the likes of the Channel 4, Oxford and Cambridge universities, Johnson&Johnson, Nike and many, many more.

Executive Coaches

Olywel offers a complete coaching and mentoring provision; this can be tailored to specific events, groups, or individuals within your business. Our approach will always be as unique as you are.

Sports Wellbeing

A consultative approach to wellbeing in your sporting organisations, including an in-depth wellbeing audit, and the development of a performance-focused wellbeing strategy.

Well-being workshops and classes

Olywel also specialises in delivering well-being and performance workshops for events and groups. Our facilitators are passionate about their subjects and bring a passion and expertise that cannot be matched.

Some of the topics we cover are below, but we are happy to be flexible in our delivery so that we can construct a product that is best suited for your people and your organisation.

Some of the topics included are:
• Financial well-being
• Parenting workshops
• Building resilience
• Cultural intelligence
• Developing self-awareness

Our team deliver wellbeing classes either live or pre-recorded to your people. We have a plethora of trainers who specialise in classes such as, HIIT workouts, yoga, breath-work and mindfulness.

These classes are a fantastic way to support your people and will help to improve the physical and mental wellbeing of your people whilst strengthening the community within your organisation.

Personal Performance Mentoring

Olywel offers a complete mentoring provision; this can be tailored to specific events, groups, or individuals within your business. Our approach will always be as unique as you are.

Mentoring is the act of helping or advising someone. Regardless of your age, experience or level a mentor could help boost your personal and professional performance.

At Olywel we are passionate about the link between well-being and performance. We know that if you the human being is thriving then your professional performance will thrive too.

Our mentors are hand-picked not only because of their success in their fields but because, like Olywel, they understand that well-being is the foundation of high-performance.

Olywel will work with you to find a mentor that can best help you hit those well-being and performance goals.

To find out more about how Olywel can help to boost performance through improved wellbeing in your business, get in touch today.