About Us

A winning philosophy

People thrive when they’re at their best; when they feel valued, trusted, and cared for; when they’re given the tools – and the guidance – they need to succeed.

Hi, I’m Jack (double Olympian, mental health advocate, wellbeing consultant, and Founder of Olywel).

I imagine you’re here because you want to improve the performance of your team, but in a way that helps your people to feel happy, healthy, and at home with themselves. Music to my ears! With my background as an elite athlete, and experience as Head of Wellbeing for BBC Studios, I’ve seen first-hand the immeasurable impact that improved wellbeing has on performance. 

Employee wellbeing isn’t just a nice-to-have anymore; in today’s climate, it’s the cornerstone of any successful business, and every high performing team. But it has to be authentic. 

A culture of wellbeing – where you invest in the mental, physical and emotional health of your employees – helps to improve performance, build resilience, and boost engagement. And that’s what Olywel sets out to achieve: an authentic culture of wellbeing and performance for your business.

Jack Green, Workplace Wellbeing consultant

Grounded in performance philosophy

Despite a successful career as an elite athlete and double Olympian, I’ve battled with my own mental health for many years – and because of that, I know how poor mental health can impact a person, their performance, and their everyday life (particularly when they don’t have the right support in place).

It’s impossible to guarantee great mental health for everyone, forever, but it is possible to help people feel comfortable with vulnerability; with openness; with seeking support when life gets tough. And the first step to achieving that in the workplace is a focus on better wellbeing; because when you give people the tools (and the support) to look after themselves, they’re free to perform at their best. 

We’ve taken great strides as a society when it comes to breaking the stigma surrounding mental health, but progress in the workplace is much slower. In 2019-2020 alone, 828,000 workers suffered from work-related stress, anxiety or depression, culminating in a loss of 17.9 million working days; a situation that’s likely to worsen in the wake of Covid, unless we act now. 

Creating a culture that values your employees as people, and speaks to them as humans – rather than the proverbial cog in a machine – is one of the most powerful steps you can take as a leader. And when done right, it’s truly transformational. You’ll see improved performance, but you’ll also see happier people.

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