Welcome to the first Olywel blog.

Don’t worry, I’m going to try to keep this first one short for you.

My name is Jack Green, and I am the founder and lead well-being consultant at Olywel.

I started Olywel after leading on well-being at a major organisation, plus consulting with several others. I saw a particular need for a consultancy that could promote the connection between good well-being and performance. A consultancy that could help organisations see that if you prioritise your people the result would be great.

Olywel fights for what is right for both your people and your business.

But how did I get into the well-being world?

In a past life, I was an athlete competing in the 400m hurdles and 400m events. I was fortunate enough to represent my country at eight major championships, including the 2012 and 2016 Olympic games. I was a fourth-place finisher in both the Olympic and Commonwealth games. And I won bronze medals at both the world and European championships.

Having a career in elite sport taught me all about high performance and these experiences have helped shape my philosophy and my belief in how good well-being and looking after the human being, rather than focusing on just the athlete or employee, allows for high performance.

So, that’s how the performance part of my philosophy came about but what about the well-being aspect?

In 2013, shortly after my first Olympics, I was diagnosed with depression, bipolar tendencies and anxiety. And this is where my passion for well-being comes from. A passion that stems from making sure others do not have to experience the lows that I have had to fight against many a time.

So now you know my two passions in life, performance and well-being. But what about my why?

My ‘Why’ continues to develop. A purpose is fluid and changes as we change, but mine has a solid foundation that all my work is based upon. My purpose is to help others change their mindsets, environments and improve their awareness of their self and others, so that they may thrive and become the best that they can be.

Because of my experiences gained over the last 10 years from being an Olympic athlete, a mental health advocate, a keynote speaker and athletics coach I was allowed to help others in the corporate sector. It’s an opportunity that I am incredibly grateful for and excited to continue with Olywel because it has given me a platform to help a large sum of people, as well as the world that we live in.

I will regularly update our subscribers with information, advice and guidance on wellbeing and performance in the workplace – from our thoughts on the latest news and findings, expert guests, to top tips on improving workplace culture and boosting employee wellbeing.

Keep safe and keep well.


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